Paul Mampilly Talks About Tesla

Paul Mampilly has one of the most popular newsletters in the investment community. Real Wealth Strategist has over 100,000 subscribers, and for a good reason. It produces results. Paul typically puts money on relatively unknown picks such as STM — which turned out to be the pick of the year by the way — but lately, he has been trying to incorporate more mainstream stocks into his portfolio and newsletter. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.

Enter his latest pick. Mampilly has been spouting off about a company that will be bigger than Google and Amazon combined. A company in the energy sector. This can only mean one company. Tesla of course. Telsa (TSLA) is the brainchild of Elon Musk. A man I am fairly certain we are all familiar with at this point. Betting on Tesla stock is, without a doubt, a bet on Elon Musk himself. His vision is aggressive, optimistic, and downright dominating at times.

Recently, Telsa launched a home solar power business. A business that has been growing rapidly. Telsa already has a massive fanbase for their vehicles (vehicles which have completely disrupted the entire auto industry) and they seem to be making a run at solar. Of course, if we are being completely honest here, Tesla has, in the past, been a fantastic pick. To some, this isn’t really news. Tesla continues to beat those that short it and its valuation seems to jump leaps and bounds.


One of the major factors of Tesla’s success is the Model 3 car production. If Tesla (and that’s a big IF) can produce more Model 3s, then it wouldn’t matter what the stock price was today. However, whether or not this proves to be true has yet to be seen.

Paul Mampilly is one of the best stock gurus on the planet, and his word carries a ton of weight around investment circles. Possible Paul knows something we don’t know, or maybe he just believes in the vision that Elon Musk is putting out there.

If Elon Musk accomplishes even 1/5 of what he says he is going to accomplish Telsa will be the pick of the century. For now, I would say approach Telsa stock with an open mind and open wallet, because if Paul Mampilly is right, that open wallet may earn you some real money. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.

Barbara Stokes Creates Homes During Disasters

During the 2017 hurricane season, the United States suffered massive damage from the hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. Harvey alone damaged more than 203,000 homes, displacing thousands of people and tore apart Houston. Finding safe housing for the residents of a storm-damaged and flooded city is one of the most challenging issues during a natural disaster and one that requires maintaining a long-term picture, despite the immediate need. Temporary structures, such as tents and trailers, aren’t sturdy enough for long-term use, and, as New Orleans and Katrina demonstrated, restoring a city after a massive storm is a long-term project. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Barbara Stokes created Green Structure Homes (GSH) LLC to solve these housing problems issues after a natural disaster. Her modular homes are designed for rapid deployment and assembly, often taking only a handful of days to assemble, giving natural disaster victims a safe, comfortable place to live while they rebuild their lives. Becoming a huge asset to FEMA during Harvey, housing designed by GSH and Barbara Stokes can be assembled within a homeowners’ driveway, allowing them to stay close to their former home and possessions while they rebuild. By deploying these homes directly to properties, continuity will be maintained within an overwhelmed community and GSH homes will help keep residents comfortable and safe during their extensive rebuilding process. The modular homes Green Structure Homes creates are functional and inviting, with full kitchens and bathrooms and made of materials that will withstand the elements. Follow Barbara Stokes on


Located in Huntsville, Alabama, Barbara Stokes is proud of the employment GHS LLC was able to bring to her hometown and as an avid community volunteer, she understands the importance of keeping a community together. She sources local materials wherever possible and encourages a strong community connection. With another record-breaking hurricane season looming, GHS LLC is preparing to meet the demand and support FEMA in restoring homes devastated by natural disasters.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Ready To Take On Role Of Chairman At Bradesco

With the changes that Bradesco has seen over the past few months, there has been an incredible amount of speculation over who the new leaders to Bradesco were going to be. These changes commenced when Bradesco’s prior chairman retired after serving in that position for over twenty-five years. The location of chairman of Bradesco was after that left vacant, which caused many people all over to start speculating who the next potential chairman could be.

During this period, the board of directors at Bradesco had their work cut out for them. The company needed to choose someone who would be able to perform well at the company, and someone who knew the inner workings of Bradesco. Many prospective people would work out as viable chairpeople to the company, but after much deliberation, the board of directors of Bradesco decided that they would elect Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi as the new leader to Bradesco.

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There were several reasons why Luiz Carlos Trabuco was the one who was elected to this position of President of Bradesco. One of these reasons was because of the contribution that Trabuco had towards the success that the company was seeing. During the past few years, the amount that Trabuco has contributed has increased, and a lot of that was because of the goals that he set when he first took over as the President of Bradesco. Being in one of the more essential positions within the company, Luiz Carlos Trabuco had the future of Bradesco riding on his shoulders. He had to implement a number of changes to improve the workings of the company and to get Bradesco to once again stand as the number one private bank in the country. Without a doubt, the work that Trabuco did prove to be incredibly effective in reaching this goal.

In October 2017, the board of directors at Bradesco decided that they wanted to make Trabuco the new leader within the company. Trabuco had been an essential part of the growth that the company was witnessing, which is why he would be an excellent person to take over as the chairman of Bradesco. However, he was already performing the role as the President of the company, which is why he would not be able to carry out two roles at the same time. Because of this, the company was put into a scenario where they would have to search for a new person to take up the post as President so that Luiz Carlos Trabuco could perform the role of chairman at the company. The new president of Bradesco would have to be someone who was able to take up one of the most notable positions within the company. That person would not only have to fulfill all of the functions but also keep in mind the high standards that the company has for its employees. Because of the work that Trabuco had done in the past, anyone taking over this position would have big shoes to fill. After much deliberation, Octavio de Lazari was asked to step in as Trabuco’s successor.