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Organo Gold Products Promote A Divine Lifestyle

An innovative brand of gourmet coffees and special tea blends has made its way to the mainstream market. Organo Gold specializes in creating healthy and beneficial beverage alternatives to your morning rituals. The company was co-founded in 2008 by CEO Bernardo Chua and Shane Morand, the global distributor for Organo Gold International. Bernardo Chua’s vision was to produce a line of healthy coffee products with bioactive ingredients. Organo Gold’s potent blends of nutrient rich beverages has caught on to the masses, they are quickly becoming one of the world’s most fastest growing company. Shop now at

The thing that sets Organo Gold apart from other food brands is that they use a unique herb infused in all of their coffee products called Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma comes from the lingzhi mushroom found in East Asia. It was used in Chinese medicine for well over 2,000 years. By adding this ingredient in their gourmet coffee roasts and teas, Organo Gold’s consumers can help reduce their cholesterol, prevent cancer metastasis, find hidden toxins in their body and boost their overall immune system. The company offers a variety of other beverage products including hot cocoa, mocha, latte, green tea, red tea, black iced tea, body management shakes and flavored energy drink mixes.


Organo Gold refers to individual distributors to sell all of their products worldwide. The marketing is done either by word-of-mouth or online, the sellers will get to earn a fifty percent commission on every sale they make. The company offers their products wholesale to individual distributors living in the United States, Jamaica, Philippines, the Netherlands, Germany, Peru, Canada and Austria and so many others. The global company holds many expos that help their networks of distributors receive expert training, strategies and the proper tools of the trade. These events are opportunities that will eventually grow the distributor’s business tenfold. Watch this video on Youtube.

Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing E-commerce in a Big Way

The past few decades saw aggressive e-commerce penetration that completely revolutionized sales and marketing. It was not difficult to hear traditional store merchants complaining of the devastating effects that e-commerce was having on their stores. As it was indeed said then, the few retailing merchants that refused to embrace e-commerce went out of the market.

A few years later, e-commerce itself is undergoing a different revolution. Personalized merchandising is determining the next frontier in e-commerce. Like the e-commerce revolution before, personalized merchandising is most likely heading towards the point it will determine who remains in the market and who makes a hasty exit. This gains more prominence when you consider that most retailers do maintain a very reasonable online presence. In a competitive online market where everybody is aggressive, adoption of artificial intelligence to offer more personalized merchandizing will determine the difference between success and failure.

Improving customer shopping experience is at the core of online marketing. AI offers exceptionally high capabilities of improving customer service. Big merchants like Alibaba have already taken note of the recent development. On November 11, 2017, Asia’s largest online merchant Alibaba announced significant achievements in its online sales. The online merchant services had seamless developed the capacity to handle up to 325,000 orders per second during the busiest global shopping day. AI Chatbots handled the orders. The company generates up to four hundred million advertisement banners through marketing AI platforms and up to sixty billion personalized pages for customers.

Artificial intelligence platforms are now quickly determining and enhancing the type of shopping experience that your customers will have. Retailers must move beyond displays of long catalogs for customers to availing before customers a range of details that will offer them better experiences. By using AI, it is possible to determine the probable products that fit a particular shopper based on particular filters.

The filters will determine what is exactly popular to display to the customer based on the shopping history of related products. After determining the popularity of products the AI bots will then work out the most relevant products to display on the personalized page of the customer. This ensures that the eventual list that the shopper gets is more useful and helps them make better shopping decisions. AI will also keep a personalized history of the customer to ensure that every visit to your online store is always memorable than the last. Data analytics is most definitely the future of the e-commerce industry.

It’s Possible To Get Smooth, Thicker Hair With The Right Conditioner

Depending on what kind of hair you prefer, there are conditioners that can smooth all the tangles, or give your hair a different feeling than what it feels like at the moment.

Not all conditioners are made the same, and depending on which kind of natural oils or ingredients your hair reacts to, you may have to explore around to see which one fits you. You can get some all-in-one shampoo and conditioner products if you prefer, but also be aware some of these products last longer than others after you apply them.

One brand that’s been highly promoted is WEN by Chaz, a shampoo and conditioner company that was started by Chaz Dean a number of years ago. Chaz began his career as a photographer, but he soon became a beautiful hair enthusiast who wanted to start up his own conditioning product that was different than anything that had been made before. So he started the WEN by Chaz line, a personal brand that he uses at his salon in the Hollywood area, and many celebrities stop by to have their hair done. So you might be wondering if WEN by Chaz really is worth the hype.

Users have stated that when you follow the directions on the conditioner bottle, you’ll start to notice a fuller thicker feeling in your hair the moment it’s applied to your scalp. It’s also known to leave a lot less strands of hair when it’s being applied, and most people have reported having softer and shinier hair after using. One thing to note about WEN by Chaz is that it’s a better product for those who shower every day and take the time to wash their hair, and not so much for those who like to skip a day or two in between.

Learn more about WEN Hair:

George Soros Turns to Gold After Predicting an Uncertain Future in the Health of the Global Economy

George Soros gained international recognition in 1992 when he risked $10 billion on a single currency speculation when he shorted the British pound. Mr. George Soros turned to be right and in a single day he made a profit of $1 billion, but the profit was reported to have almost reached $2 billion. From then, Soros has been referred to as “the man who broke the Bank of England.”

He is also famous for running the Quantum Fund, a company that recorded growth of more than 30% on average when he was the president of the company. As a speculator in the financial market, George Soros is a self-made billionaire through betting the direction of the financial market. For this reason, Soros is thought to be the man behind the 1997 “Asian Financial Crisis” since he had made a large bet against the Thai baht.

Soros fled Hungary in 1947 and went to England. In England, he graduated from the London School of Economics in 1952 and found an entry-level job at an investment bank in London. George Soros later immigrated to the United States in 1956 and got a job with various companies on investment management positions. In 1973, Soros decided to start his company, Soros Fund Management recently managed under Quantum Fund and later Quantum Fund Endowment with $12 million from investors. Soros Fund Management is currently managing his assets after returning the assets of other investors. Read more on

Soros is today valued at $24.9 billion according to Forbes Magazine. The vast amount of wealth enabled George Soros to participate in philanthropy through Open Society Foundation, an organization he created to act as a vehicle for his giving to ensure rights of people are respected, governments are held accountable for their actions, and no one has a monopoly of truth from others. Soros has also been able to take stands on controversial issues such as economy and politics. For instance, he engaged the Chinese government in a fierce exchange of words with the government of China over his recent prediction of the world economy based on the current credit surge in China.

In March this year, after his prediction that the current economic woes in China would slow down the global economy on, he chose to invest in the world of gold and precious metals. George Soros through his firm Soros Fund Management decided to dial back the U.S. stock investments by more than a third and placed a bet against the equities and banking on gold. The firm bought shares of Barrick Gold Corp. worth $264 million at the end of March, and the shares of the company have more than doubled by mid-May this year.

How Does Sam Tabar Advise People To Invest?

Sam Tabar is a New York-based investment strategist who advises clients and readers across America on their current portfolios. Sam has built a career around legal advise, and investments, but he is not without feeling or heart. The investment advise he dispenses often has to do with progressive thinking, giving and on research into a company’s intentions. This article explains how Sam Tabar wants his readers and clients to think about their own investments, and as the leader of FullCyle he has a vested interest in a nation of smarter investors.

#1: Progressive Companies Are Undefeated

Progressive companies around the world are often far ahead of their time, but Sam wants his clients to invest in progressive thinking as much as possible. A progressive company may seem strange today, but their business plan will be one of many in the future. The company may become part of a much larger conglomerate, but that company is still a good investment in the present.

#2: Companies Must Give Back

Companies that choose to give back must do so in an active manner. There are many large businesses across the world that open foundations to give away money, but giving away cash is not an active way to change the world. Companies like THINX give products to women in Africa based on every sale they complete in North America. Sam backs THINX because the company is actively dispensing products to women around the world instead of cash.  That’s also why he created his own Go Fund Me initiative as well, so that Sam could give more to charity.

#3: Research Is Imperative

Sam asks his clients to do their due diligence on each company they invest in, looking at his career on, you can easily see this is a principle he has lived by. Every company in the world has a profile that may be researched online, and investors must understand who they are getting into bed with. There are many companies that do good work around the world as part of their business, but there are other companies that are quite deplorable to work with. The research that Sam touts looks deeply into each company before spending a dime on their stock, and the research may uncover interesting facts about a business.

Sam Tabar is a progressive thinker who is willing to rock the boat where investment is concerned. Sam’s educational articles show investors how to save money on the stock market, find companies that do good around the world and create stronger portfolios for the future. Following Sam’s salient advice will help any investor increase the overall value of their portfolio, and Sam’s advice will continue to guide investors who help the world become a better place.  Sam is also on Instagram, where you can follow him for more information.

Brad Reifler And Forefront Capital Open The Income Trust

Brad Reifler has led Forefront Capital brilliantly for over a decade, but his most recent change will make his company a pioneer in the investment world. Forefront Capital plans to offer a hedge fund for people who are not certified investors, and this change could alter the way people invest on the stock market. This article explains how the income trust at Forefront Capital will help normal Americans.

#1: What Is A Certified Investor?

Certified investors are those Wall Street scions who make over $250,000 a year or have over one million dollars in net worth. On Twitter Brad says these investors are routinely putting their money into multi-billion dollar hedge funds that will offer massive returns, but the normal investor does not have nearly this much money. The average American may not make that much money in several years, but the income trust will change all that.

#2: The Income Trust Requires No Certification

The income trust set up by Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital does not require investors to have a certification. A minimum wage worker with just a few dollars to their name may invest their money immediately, and these workers may increase the value of their portfolios over time. Someone who is truly interested in increasing their investment value may use the income trust instead of a traditional IRA.

#3: Customer Service

Brad Reifler wants customer service at Forefront Capital to remain as high as ever for their new investors. Someone who has had a hard time getting help with their investments in the past may come to Forefront Capital for assistance. The team at Forefront Capital will answer all investor questions, and the team will allow customers to feel comfortable with the investments they have made.

#4: The Income Trust Is Designed For Non-Certified Investors

The income trust fund is set up to work with small investments. The fund is not structured like other large funds on Wall Street, and the fund will continue to provide dividends for investors who have spent a small amount of money on their portfolio. There is quite a bit of safety in the new income trust from Forefront Capital.

Brad Reifler is turning the investment game upside down with help from his new income trust. Any small investor may come to work with his company today with just a few dollars in their pocket. The income trust ensures that normal Americans may invest just like their rich neighbors.  Brad Reifler also provides a ton of cool advice for investors regularly, usually through his Reuters coverage. You definitely know what he’s talking about too, because he’s earned one amazing home from all that hard investment work.