Mighty Fortress Church Shows Humility and Praises Dedicated Followers of Christ

There are many different churches to go to. To go along with the huge number of churches is the criteria that people have for a church they will go to. Some people will go for a more conservative type of experience. Then there are some that are looking for a feel good experience. The people that need to be addressed are those that do not have an idea what to look for. For those people that are trying to figure out what a good church is life, they can look to Mighty Fortress Church as an example of a good church. Read more on positivethefacts.com.

One of the reasons that Mighty Fortress Church is a good church to look at is that it takes the teachings of the Bible and gives it a lot of consideration over any other doctrine. The pastor, Bishop Thomas Williams, does not shy away from any teaching. He does not try to tickle the ears of believers with vain promises. Instead, he looks at the scriptures and makes sure that any message he preaches is supported by scripture. For one thing, scriptural support is very important so that no one is lead astray. Bishop Thomas Williams also encourages people to read the Bible. Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

One of the most important things is showing humility. This is one of the praised virtues of a follower of Christ in the Bible. When people are humble, they have a more accurate understanding of who they are. They are more likely to be truthful than when they are prideful. Also with humility, they recognize that they themselves fall short and are therefore more likely to approach a brother who is stumbling with something. One thing a preacher does with humility is use himself as an example when preaching so that he does not give the illusion that he thinks he is better.

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