Paul Mampilly Talks About Tesla

Paul Mampilly has one of the most popular newsletters in the investment community. Real Wealth Strategist has over 100,000 subscribers, and for a good reason. It produces results. Paul typically puts money on relatively unknown picks such as STM — which turned out to be the pick of the year by the way — but lately, he has been trying to incorporate more mainstream stocks into his portfolio and newsletter. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.

Enter his latest pick. Mampilly has been spouting off about a company that will be bigger than Google and Amazon combined. A company in the energy sector. This can only mean one company. Tesla of course. Telsa (TSLA) is the brainchild of Elon Musk. A man I am fairly certain we are all familiar with at this point. Betting on Tesla stock is, without a doubt, a bet on Elon Musk himself. His vision is aggressive, optimistic, and downright dominating at times.

Recently, Telsa launched a home solar power business. A business that has been growing rapidly. Telsa already has a massive fanbase for their vehicles (vehicles which have completely disrupted the entire auto industry) and they seem to be making a run at solar. Of course, if we are being completely honest here, Tesla has, in the past, been a fantastic pick. To some, this isn’t really news. Tesla continues to beat those that short it and its valuation seems to jump leaps and bounds.


One of the major factors of Tesla’s success is the Model 3 car production. If Tesla (and that’s a big IF) can produce more Model 3s, then it wouldn’t matter what the stock price was today. However, whether or not this proves to be true has yet to be seen.

Paul Mampilly is one of the best stock gurus on the planet, and his word carries a ton of weight around investment circles. Possible Paul knows something we don’t know, or maybe he just believes in the vision that Elon Musk is putting out there.

If Elon Musk accomplishes even 1/5 of what he says he is going to accomplish Telsa will be the pick of the century. For now, I would say approach Telsa stock with an open mind and open wallet, because if Paul Mampilly is right, that open wallet may earn you some real money. Watch videos on Paul’s Youtube channel.