Whitney Wolfe Hands The Control To Women

Bumble, the dating application created by Whitney Wolfe in December 2014, has now surpassed 22 million users and has grown to become one of the most popular dating apps available. Bumble’s success relies on its female-centric focus, allowing Whitney Wolfe a unique way to cater to its users and has given women more control over their first communications with Bumble’s male users and is allowing women to avoid the harassment and unwanted contact that has plagued many other dating apps.

Whitney Wolfe, frustrated with the male-dominated social networks, had originally conceived a social network that would require users to maintain and spread good behavior, a “safe” place on the internet where women could interact without feeling harassed, one that empowers and supports members and encourages community growth. Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo, convinced her instead to take advantage of the experience she gained as the co-founder of Tinder, and instead, design a dating app focused on giving women the control over messages and set the initial pace of a relationship.

By creating a dating app with a women’s comfort in mind, Bumble helps women avoid the feeling they must answer, kindly, every message by offering a unique solution. By allowing women to begin the interaction after a “swipe right”, women are now empowered to choose who they initiate contact with rather than accept all advances. Placing the power of choice within their sphere has been a refreshing experience for most women and it has allowed them to feel safer as they go ahead in their dialogue.

Whitney Wolfe’s creation with the Bumble app has changed key components of the former dating dynamics. This shift in online dating has earned Whitney Wolfe a place on the Time’s 2018 list of influential people. Expanding the Bumble philosophy with new apps like Bumble Bizz, a women-centric business networking that is destined to challenge Linkedin, and Bumble BFF, a friendship application where women can cultivate new platonic relationships, Whitney Wolfe will continue to hand women more controls in their social worlds.

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