Why Arjun Kapur Founded GoBuySide

GoBuySide is currently transforming the recruitment scene in New York. Unlike general talent recruitment agencies, GoBuySide focuses on doing highly specialized research in order to find candidates who are best qualified for the positions that companies are looking to fill. Read this article at Yahoo Finance.

What this means is that they take their research duties very seriously. They will do extensive data research about each and every candidate in order to find out exactly what they have expertise in and exactly what they specialize in. They will look at their previous work history, as well as their education and skills. They will do the same for the companies and for the positions that are waiting to be filled. They will look into exactly what kind of person they need to best fill the position. This helps them match candidates to the positions.

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For the companies in New York who are looking to fill their positions, this translates into candidates who have more knowledge about the roles that they have to fill. They will be better qualified to fulfill their duties and will do a better job overall. This will, in turn, translate into gaining more profits and revenue. The benefits of specialized research as opposed to general research when it comes to recruiting candidates has been well documented.

Arjun Kapur is the CEO and the founder of GoBuySide. In an interview, he was asked to tell the interviewer a bit more about himself and about GoBuySide. It turns out that he has an MBA from Stanford and a degree in economics from John Hopkins. He says that GoBuySide is a network of professionals from over five hundred cities. They also work with over ten thousand firms, including some of the most well known investment firms in the world. Having such a large pool of candidates and firms gives them the best opportunity to match the right candidates to the right positions. Indeed, they have helped many companies find qualified candidates who have done the job well and exceeded the expectations of the ones hiring them. In addition, they have helped many professionals find jobs that they are qualified for and love. Read this article at Accesswire.